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Joe Basala

Joe was instrumental in coaching our team in deploying Six Sigma at the Wichita plant. He provided profound motivation to our champions and Black Belts to understand and effectively implement the use of Six Sigma methodology and achieve our business goals.

Rajesh Solanki, Case New Holland

Consulting/Business Services

Peter Peterka

Peter’s MBB coaching methodology not only provides hands-on practice but draws me go back repeatedly to find applications in rare failure analysis DOE project, at various voltage/current/temperature boundaries/out boundaries, by isolating and duplicating across customer super-module, lab system tool vs. OEM standalone motion box and OEM module levels. This modeling serves my team as an insightful regression model as well as training guide for gap finding, future complex testing and reliability acceptance. Great value-add!

Johnny Chao, Director at Modeling & Strategic Solutions at Insourcing Alliance Venture

As my Master Black Belt instructor, Peter combined significant expertise with the ability to deliver technical subject matter in a practical way in the classroom. His breadth of experience allows him to relate well to students from a wide array of industries. The class was appropriately challenging and provided me with lessons from which I continue to draw today, even though I took this course nearly seven years prior to this recommendation.

Matt Lanius, Senior Consultant at C3 Consulting

I’ve worked with Peter over the past 15 years, starting at the initial years of large scale deployments of Lean Six Sigma in America. I’ve seen the program he has put together at 6Sigma.us and find it a solid program for companies and individuals looking to gain a foundation in the world of Lean Six Sigma and the ability to apply the principles for business process improvements.

Doug Conklin, Lean Six Sigma Deployment Executive /Management Consultant

George Woodley

I enjoyed George Woodley as my Black Belt trainer in Toronto. It was obvious that George was incredibly knowledgeable in six sigma. His vast real life, hands on experience, earned him a lot of credibility with the class. His passion for six sigma helped us through some of the dryer areas of the course. Having a physical disability, the way he easily integrated me into the exercises for the course was welcoming. I highly recommend George to any organization serious about improving quality in process, product, or service.

David Dame, Enterprise Agile Adoption Change Agent, Agile Coach, and Software Quality Assurance Professional

Since 2004, George has been my Sensei and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. George certified me as a Black Belt and Master Black Belt, as well as provided mentoring and training support to my team when I was Deployment Leader at American Red Cross Biomedical Services. Since 2006 George has partnered with my company, HKP Pro-Active Solutions (also doing business as HKPO Lean Six Sigma Experts), providing services on numerous contracts. Services provided have included training Black Belts and Green Belts, providing Master Black Belt Project Oversight, statistical analysis, reviewing, developing training materials and project/program leadership. Valuable roles that George has worked for HKPO include serving as a Master Black Belt and Project/Program Leader for the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Central Recruiting Office (CRO) and Employee Operations (EO) Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) Projects, and serving as a Master Black Belt to Bridge Green Belts to Black Belts for the Roche Group. George brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to HKPO Lean Six Sigma Experts and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Jennifer Ralston, Process Improvement – Lean Six Sigma Expert Practitioner, HKP Pro-Active Solutions

Eric Edwin

Eric Edwin, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Master Consultant at 6Sigma.us, is one of the elite Instructors and Six Sigma Mentors I have ever pursued instruction and advice. I successfully completed his Six Sigma Master Black Belt training and certification during 1st Quarter of 2012. He is a very smart perfectionist, has no problem to work hard when necessary. A keen Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important questions will be answered in a logical, systematic and precise way. He has extensive knowledge and skills, and his approachable, open-minded practice cannot be overestimated.

Charles Baugh, Experienced Process Improvement Leader with fervent Lean Six Sigma Knowledge

Joe Basala

Joe was my Master Black Belt instructor during my American Society for Quality Black Belt training in Philadelphia, PA. I have invested many years of college and education in the fields of Process Improvement and Management and throughout these years I have crossed paths with a couple professors who truly invested a genuine interest in preparing me for my professional career. The value that Joe provides is second to none! Joe’s teaching, mentoring and coaching style clearly rank at the top of my list of educators. The following are key characteristics of Mr. Basala’s that were significant to my Black Belt Six Sigma certification and also separated him from many past educators: impeccable classroom facilitation, a strong comprehensive knowledge and experience in Six Sigma, inimitable feedback and overall “First Class” business knowledge. Without the superlative and personable instruction from Mr. Basala, my Six Sigma career would be limited.

Mark Kerns, QI SIGMA Consulting, Inc

Joe is a well-respected, highly qualified Six Sigma instructor. He cares about his students and goes beyond in expectations. Friendly, honest, and always up-front with communications.

Kimberley Moch, QI SIGMA Consulting, Inc

Joe is an experienced go-to professional that executes superbly with his customers. He has contributed to to the delight of my customers on several engagements and count him as a very capable individual to send into challenging situations.

John Evelyn, QI SIGMA Consulting, Inc

Joe Wexler

On more than one occasion Joe was my go-to guy to parachute in and provide short notice support for a number of our projects in Latin America. In the 90’s, no matter what socioeconomic situation presented itself in the likes of Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, or Colombia, Joe would take the assignment. At the time, being at the epicenter of a historic US quality movement, Joe was an outstanding ambassador to an eager audience looking to duplicate the successes of continuous improvement both in government and industry. Last, his command and mastery in navigating Category 4 white water rapids was something I personally witnessed and can attest to.

James Zilli, Director, Business Development, Southern California at Jade Global

Joe and team kicked off one of the 1st BPI/SixSig efforts at Dell Inc. in 1997. The effort was focused around the returns process and netted quick sustained gains that are being realized today.

Joseph Weis, Program Manager Federal OCONUS at Total Quality Consulting

Joe is an excellent consultant. He although he is also a top notch trainer/presenter, his strong consulting skills stand out. He is excellent at determining the needs of the customer, completing the detailed planning pre-work, and facilitating any process improvement session. The process mapping/process improvement model tat he developed is simple and extremely effective. I have always known his clients to be thrilled with the outcomes.

Marjorie Hook, Total Quality Consulting

Joe is a detail oriented professional. He has the ability to transform business processes into process flows and maps to characterize opportunity for business improvement. His knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma has been enabled him to transform multiple poor performing business processes into highly effective revenue generating and saving opportunities. I would recommend Joe for any tough process you may have that needs immediate attention and swift results.

Tyrone Butler, Total Quality Consulting

Joe Ficalora

It gives me pleasure to write this recommendation for Joe Ficalora whose service at URL Pharma has been nothing short of excellent. I originally hired Joe to supplement my process engineer’s Six Sigma and pure statistics capabilities wherein he set in place a program for monitoring 18 of our high-volume commercial products consistent with the requirements of the FDA Process Validation Guidance, Stage 3. Joe’s depth and breadth of knowledge became clear and he played additional roles in root cause analyses and R&D. Consistently, he’s met deadlines and has worked very well with our staffs and our management. Joe also resolved 2 thorny issues for us, each with potential consequences. One involved an extensive diagnosis, DoE and inferential statistics. The other was of the needle-in-a-haystack variety with limited data availability. The resolutions were insightful, important and defensible. Most recently, Joe tailored a course training 9 Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and provides ongoing mentorship to those seeking their full certifications. Due to Joe’s contributions and excellent work, I retained him for over 1 year. Joe’s contributions have been wholly beneficial and, as such, has earned this recommendation.

Steve Zebovitz, Sigma Process Improvements, LLC

Joe, like precious metals, is a rare find and worth more than the market can bear. I met Joe first in 1999, and it was my pleasure to work with him at Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. His knowledge, his ability to teach, and his gracious demeanor to everyone he encounters engendered my trust and confidence in this man. He is both an academician and a clinician of engineering and statistics. He is a problem solver and a leader. I have watched Joe consult the most difficult of customers, and emerge victorious in every count. He helps his customers succeed, and that success is what drives him every day. While I might fawn over Joe’s capabilities, I assure the reader there is no overstatement to anything I have said. I confess – I admire his skill, and I wish I had a quarter of it. If you are considering Joe in any capacity. Don’t dwell on it long – You just might lose your chance to work with him!

Scott McGregor, Managing Director at QMx Consulting, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe as a facilitator and eventually as a deployment partner. Joe is passionate about Six Sigma and that passion is contagious. Joe drives excellence and helps organizations achieve higher levels of performance by staying focused and on track. Our association goes back almost 10 years now and he never waivers in his methods, actions and professional delivery.

Chuck Gillis, Principal Consultant at Work Stream Consulting

During the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with Joe as a guest trainer when Joe is the Master Trainer. Joe loves what he does for a living, he is passionate about process improvement and it shows! His audiences always appreciate his wit, expertise, and caring. He is fun to work with, a content expert, and incredibly focused on results.

Regina M. Clark, Consultant

Joe’s ability to bring focus and order out of disarray, recommend and steer projects to increase value and quality, and bring unique perspectives to the organization have been invaluable. But equally important, his high personal and business ethical standards are a testament to his character.

Robert Kreisler, Sigma Process Improvements, LLC

I had very nice opportunity to cooperate with Joe when we installed Lean Product Development program in Europe some time ago.I was surprised by Joe´s wide and expert level of new product development process knowledge. I got several very valuable recommendations how to do things easy with maximum impact on results. Joe is strong customer oriented person with business sense, very good coach and mentor. I very appreciate his friendly and patient approach. I´m really happy that I met Joe and I have cooperated with him and hope there will be another cooperation opportunity.

Pavel Urban, Vice-Chair Enterprise Councilor Program at ASQ

Richard Lynch

I have known Dr. Richard Lynch for over 20 years and personally saw his work as a colleague at both SBTI and Six Sigma Academy. Richard is that perfect blend of theoretical and practical statistician. That plus his over 10 years of lean and six sigma consulting make him a most valuable addition to any consulting team or organization. I strongly recommend Richard.

Patrick Spagon, Sr. Statistician at Six Sigma Academy

Sam Windsor

Sam was an excellent teacher. He kept focus on the most important aspects of the Six Sigma program. He was patient and understanding in helping students through the more difficult aspects of the program.

Mike Janus, Corrections and Quality consultant

I have known Sam for almost 10 years and found him to be an exemplary professional. Sam is one of the most talented technology managers I’ve had the pleasure of working for. He has the drive to make others around him successful.

Alexander Barr, Delta Sigma Solutions, LLC

Loon Kok Tan

LK is a great asset supporting the implementation of TQM. He has excellent training skills and solid knowledge of Process Improvement Tools such as Lean and Six Sigma. His personality attracts professionals of all levels and cultural backgrounds, this and his reliability make him a great consultant to be used by medium and large size firms in the process improvement and operational excellence arena.

Simon Beyk, Business Process Optimization Manager, IPM

Educational Services

George Woodley

George is a man who creates long-term results. He quickly gets to the heart of business issues and challenges the status quo to create breakthrough thinking at all levels of an organization. He is an excellent communicator, and easily translates his deep knowledge of complex concepts to produce actionable plans for immediate improvement, using sustainable methods which continue to deliver results for many years to come. In short, George has proven himself to be an expert who delivers lasting value.

Michael Dimond, Professor at Portland State University

Financial Services

Peter Peterka

After successfully leading a few process improvement initiatives I thought I knew a thing or two about process excellence; that was until I met Peter (the guru with 20+ years of process experience). I attended 6Sigma.us for both my Six Sigma Green and Black training programs, and I can honestly say the experience was second to none. Peter has the rare combination of experience/knowledge, personality, and the ability to fuse the two in a way that it make it easy to learn and apply the six sigma methodologies. As a result of his six sigma mentorship I was able to successfully complete two projects that had significant financial impacts for my company, but more importantly it helped me realize a passion for process that I didn’t know existed within me.

Earl Rooks IV, Quality Assurance & Metrics Manager at Capital One Bank

Government Services

Peter Peterka

Peter is a detailed oriented instructor and mentor who is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners and instructors in the science of Lean Six Sigma. Peter’s experience and ability to explain highly technical concepts and principles in a manner that is easily understood by his students in unmatched. Peter’s hands-on experience in various industries and applications enables him to use real-world examples that assist the students in fully understanding LSS concepts. It was truly an honor and pleasure to attend Peter’s classes, the knowledge I gain allowed me to execute projects that resulted in over $300K in cost avoidance. I recommend Peters services to any organization seeking to improve quality, reduce defects, and reduce costs.

Remy Schott, Senior Manager – LSS Master Black Belt at KForce Government Services (KGS)


Peter Peterka

Peter is an expert in his field and shares that knowledge and experience with all of his students. His practical application of statistics and process improvement techniques provides customers with the tools they need to be successful in any industry.

Jaclyn Waldrop, Administrative Director at Performance Improvement at Trinity Mother Frances Health System

Peter Peterka provided Master Black Belt training on Six Sigma process improvement methodologies. Peter has been involved with Six Sigma for many years and his experience and real world practice of the methodology comes through in his training style. The training materials are very helpful along with the hands on experience/excercises provided during training. Peter conducted the training and kept the class structured yet fun for such in depth materials. I highly recommend Peter Peterka.

Daniel Donnelly, Director Quality & Process Improvement at Express Scripts

Eric Edwin

It truly is a pleasure to provide a recommendation for Eric. I came to know him in his capacity as a Six Sigma instructor and mentor. Eric’s grasp of the subject matter is top notch, but what really makes him stand above the crowd is the way he successfully breaks down a complex subject into easy to understand bite-size pieces. While he is pragmatic and practical in his approach, providing frequent real life examples for context, he also demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for helping people help themselves and achieve that aha moment where it all comes together. I am so lucky I ended up in Eric’s class and would highly recommend him in any capacity related to Six Sigma efforts. Any company or individual working with Eric will have a first rate experience.

Lex Thompson, Project Manager at CuraScript/Express Scripts

Information Systems and Technology

Peter Peterka

Peter Peterka has been my instructor, mentor and coach to successfully complete my Six Sigma Master Black Belt training and certification.Peter is a valuable source of alternatives ideas and transformation, always creating external focus and showing you the links between statistics and the business world. He anticipates customer needs and ensures that they are met, measuring performance through the customer’s eyes. Peter is a clear thinker who can help people overcome apprehensions they may have about statistics and Six Sigma methodology. Flexible in approach to motivate and create momentum, Peter energizes people through inclusiveness and connection with people. Peter’s sessions are unique, and great opportunities to develop your critical thinking.

Gilles Agbalé, Manager Partner at Oxala Nature

George Woodley

I highly recommend George. George is a professional and brings much value in that he can approach real problems with real effective solutions. He clearly understands what the root cause is to a business problem and helps you develop it so that you can learn from it. He teaches you how to think outside of the box with the tools you have, in addition to adding valuable tools to your problem-solving toolbox. Added with a great spirit, humbleness, and humor, he’s truly a Six Sigma Champion in every sense of the word.

Jason Cardinal, Director, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, TouchTunes

Frank G. Adler

Frank is an exceptional operations and quality management professional. While working with Frank at Magellan GPS, Frank established a world-class global customer support organization and infrastructure. His customer support organization’s ability to both filter and analyze customer feedback and translate the insights into actionable product and process development improvements made Frank’s team true customer advocates. Because of his broad understanding of companywide processes and systems, Frank also demonstrated the ability to develop strategic and operational plans that had meaningful impact on the company’s bottom-line. I truly enjoyed working with Frank and would recommend him for any operation management role he pursues.

Howard Leyda, MiTAC Digital Corporation (formerly Magellan Navigation)

I had the privilege of working with Frank as the outsource vendor of MiTAC Digital Corp. I was very impressed with his ability to see the bigger picture while paying attention to the minute details in running his business. MiTAC was very fortunate to have him as their VP for Quality & Customer Advocacy. While he demanded performance from us as his vendor, he was also a true partner working with us to achieve the targets and at the same time looking at costs. His vast experience in quality, keen mind and aptitude for learning new things make him an asset to any company fortunate enough to have him.

Mel Montano, MiTAC Digital Corporation (formerly Magellan Navigation)

Working with Frank Adler has been a very welcomed experience. Frank is very focused, process oriented, and results driven individual. He possesses a “can do” attitude, challenges others around him, and drives others to deliver to their potential. A no frills type of person, he consistently delivers to his commitments and often times does so ahead of schedule and below budget. Frank is a great asset to any company and can surely help any organization meet Operational Excellence.

Hanam Vuong, MiTAC Digital Corporation (formerly Magellan Navigation)

Frank is one of the most competent professionals I ever met during my long career. His credentials speak for themselves. Whether it is about Quality, Operations, Market Development, Customer Support, or Corporate Strategy, Frank delivers results through his unique ability to quickly grasp the big picture while paying attention to detail. Any company would surely benefit from Frank’s services.

Mitch Gabor, MiTAC Digital Corporation (formerly Magellan Navigation)

Frank Adler was a demanding noHold client. One that quickly grasped the implications of any conversation or presentation and drilled down into the critical issues. noHold’s service with MiTAC is one of our most effective, with a high ROI for MiTAC. This was a direct result of Mr Adler’s leadership.

Donald Johnson, MiTAC Digital Corporation (formerly Magellan Navigation)

Joe Wexler

At a time when the business world is awash with so-called Lean and/or Six Sigma specialists, it is gratifying to know that there are still dyed-in-the-wool experts like Joe Wexler. I had the pleasure of working with Joe on the role out of a Business Process Improvement deployment at Dell and his great experience added heft to the deployment leadership. At that time Dell were still a spectacularly successful organization and it needed people like Joe whose ‘war stories’ highlighted the dangers of being satisfied with the status quo. It was fascinating to watch trainees and business leaders change their perception of how well their processes were performing, thereby leading to a need to improve! I fully recommend Joe Wexler.

David Everitt-Newton, Dell Computer Corporation

Joe was a great resource for my team. His commitment to quality and process improvement drove significant improvements and operational efficiencies in my business.

David Marmonti, Dell Computer Corporation

Sam Windsor

Sam is an excellent teacher. He worked with Andy J. Egan Co as a consultant and did an outstanding job of bringing the aspects of a process-oriented Quality Management System to an industry that had very little understanding of how problem solving and FMEA’s fit into a Pipe Fabrication environment.

Mark Armitage, Quality Improvement Project Manager at E&M Design Solutions

Logistics and Transportation

Eric Edwin

Eric was very detailed and personable in his training methods. It was a pleasure learning from him everyday.

Brandon Vasapolle, Regional Director at LaserShip


Peter Peterka

Peter teaches using the tools that the Six Sigma professional will most probably use as well as some of the lesser-taught (but extremely handy) statistical techniques. The emphasis on the use of Minitab is very pertinent as today’s corporate leaders do not have the time or patience to wait for manually calculated results. Peter Peterka maintains a presence in the room and is very engaging. His use of real-world examples and his statistical knowledge make him a superior choice for Six Sigma education and certification.

Gary Netherton, Quality Engineer, PMP, MBB, CQE at Milgard Windows & Doors

There are few times in your professional experience when you look back and realize “that was a life changing event”. Completing Six-Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt instruction with Peter Peterka was such a defining moment in my career. The skills that we mastered in these sessions have provided me with qualifications that employers seek out. I have realized significant, bottom-line savings for my employers by leading improvement teams and applying Six-Sigma techniques. Peter is an innovator in the Six-Sigma field and an expert in the topic. You will profit from the skills you learn through Peter for the rest of your career. I cannot overstate the value of his instruction and its benefit to your future success.

David Landis, Quality Manager at General Dynamics – Ordnance & Tactical Systems

6Sigma.us provides consulting and training programs on lean and six sigma process improvement methodologies. Peter has been involved with Six Sigma from the very inception of the program and his knowledge and experience shows in every aspect of the course. The training materials were very detailed, clear, and well developed. The classes include a well balanced mix of hands on exercises and useful practical theory. His instructors kept the sessions fast paced, lively, and interesting by bringing out examples from their real world consulting experience. I attended 6Sigma.us’s training classes for green belt, black belt, and master black belt. I enjoyed all three sessions. The master black belt program, instructed by Peter himself, was especially rewarding because the more in depth treatment of the materials and the lively class discussions. I highly recommend 6Sigma.us for anyone interested in process improvement.

Vittorio Pareto, Managing Partner at PCM Energy LLC

Peter Peterka has successfully introduced hundreds of employees of our Company to Six Sigma during the course of several Black Belts and Green Belts trainings in different countries (UK, Italy, Bulgaria), involving employees from all over Europe. He has impressed us with his outstanding skills, derived from the deep statistical knowledge and the practical experience in facing -and solving- real problems in leading manufacturing companies. As a result, the impact we had was important in saving money and laying the base for our future process control. He provided also good support outside the training, helping the leaders during the projects to find and use very specific tools for our needs. I still remember a tour on several plants during which Peter helped on a one to one base young engineers with patience and with his personal direct approach and affability.

Giuseppe Polo, Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Ceramics

Jason Behr

6Sigma.us provides in-depth training for Green Belts that is applicable in both service and manufacturing industries. Their hands-on approach to learning combined with comprehensive material makes their courses an excellent value for the money and your new skills will add instant value to your organization. I look forward to completing my Black Belt training through 6Sigma.us in the near future.

Tawney Alger, Quality Assurance Manager at Southeastern Container, Inc.

Eric Edwin

Eric has a great ability to connect to his students. His work experience and knowledge is truly superior. Eric could bring so much to your Six Sigma training that I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Angela White, Quality Assurance Manager at Coca-Cola Refreshments


Peter Peterka

Worked with Peter and 6Sigma.US since 2006. Peter has an excellent team around him at 6Sigma.US and he is himself a terrific trainer and communicator. We have used him from GB to MBB trainings and latest we had the pleasure of having him giving a champion training for our manufacturing senior management. This was a big success with Peter’s grounded approach not making Six Sigma more than it is than an excellent roadmap and tool for a structured approach to continued improvements not only for manufacturing processes but also for business processes. His Italian toilet stories were as always a big success making the complicated simple!

Crilles Casper Larsen, Head of the US Pharmaceutical Product Development at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Peter is that rare breed of instructor that has the ability to be completely accessible to his students while maintaining a very high degree of expertise. Peter was my instructor for my Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certification classes. What separates him from most programs is the practical applicability of his program. In particular his Black Belt and Master Black Belt programs require you to really know how to apply the principles and tools of Six Sigma. His MBB program is one of the most rigorous I have encountered so the folks that come out of his program truly have the skills to warrant the title of MBB. Peter’s affable charm and intellect make the classes very enjoyable to attend. I would highly recommend Peter and his program to anyone that is serious about gaining the skills of Lean and Six Sigma or improving their business performance.

Bikash Chatterjee, President and CTO at Pharmatech Associates

Richard Lynch

Richard is an extremely knowledgeable statistician. We needed Richards’s expertise to solve a particularly difficult process issue. Even though Richard did not have direct Pharmaceutical experience, he was able to apply his broad statistical knowledge and experience from the semi-conductor industry to help us solve our problem effectively. Richard was very responsible and punctual, meeting all of his deliverable dates and meetings on time. He demonstrated great flexibility using WebX technology to keeps costs low while moving the project along in a timely manner. At the end of the day we were very satisfied with Richard’s work and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing statistical expertise.

Hal Petrosa, Manager, OSD Technical Operations at Eisai Pharmaceuticals

Technology and Innovation

Joe Ficalora

From the very first day, Joe and his group displayed the height of professionalism and were a pleasure to work with. More specifically, Joe was a true partner on the program who genuinely was interested in our success. His forthrightness, honesty, technical expertise and flexibility were all keys to our success as well as making the experience quite enjoyable. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone considering their services.

Elliott Rothberg, Vice President, Engineering at Eppendorf

I have worked with for over 7 years now as our account manager, helping us to drive culture change throughout the organization. His skills, abilities and passion were instrumental in helping us to drive to a culture of continuous improvement with real financial results.

Dana Crowe, Sr Manager at Raytheon IDS

Joe has indebt understanding of both technical situations and the business climate. Joe takes the time to understand the areas you are requesting help with and then spends the time looking at the detail and defines a path for improvement. Joe works with you until you have achieved the desired results. His is a valued asset to anyone he works with.

Ann Upton, Quality Engineering Manager – Compliance, RAB Certified Lead Auditor at Raytheon

Joe was a pioneer of Six Sigma at Honeywell. His approach was complete but not dogmatic. His focus was on the improvement of the organization and the manner in which people attacked their work. We merged two large Aerospace companies Allied-Signal and Honeywell. In the merger, we “lost the recipe” for many of our best processes. Joe was key in making sure that we used Six Sigma as the lingua franca to regain our excellence and use Six Sigma and Lean from top to bottom. Joe can bring you years of practical experience coupled with energy and drive to engage your people in their improvement.

Dean Flatt, Honeywell Aerospace

Richard Lynch

Rich was one of our Six Sigma instructors, hands down. We hired him through SBTI to lead our Cleveland classes, and was one of our highest rated ever. He blended deep knowledge with clear direction, humor and sincere desire to see our student succeed. In later waves, I worked along side him as a co-instructor, and learned a lot doing so. If I were in the market for training & consulting again, rich would be at the top of a very short list of no-brainers.

Scott Darpel, Chief Safety & Mission Assurance Officer ISS Physical Sciences and Human Research Program at NASA Glenn Research Center

Richard is a very effective statistician. I learned to expect him to come up with creative approaches to complex problems – and to persist at working on them until success came. I also worked with Richard, developing and delivering training materials. He was quite clever, and able to relate to managers and engineers at all levels.

William Parr, Harris Semiconductor

Sam Windsor

Sam is an extremely knowledgeable and accomplished Quality and Environmental Systems expert with a strong background in Manufacturing and Operations Management. This unique blend of skills and experience, make him an ideal resource for projects ranging from employee training and production problem solving to Implementing Quality and Environmental Systems within a company. Sam’s down to earth demeanor and pragmatic approach to his work enable him to interact well with personal at all levels of an organization and achieve the necessary buy-in to realize sustained long term value from his efforts. I have had the pleasure of working with Sam for many years and strongly recommend him to anyone that is looking for training and/or support in the areas of Quality and Green Systems as well as Process Optimization and Problem Solving.

Paul Blashewski, CEO at Filtronic Comtek