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Instructor has a great way of explaining the material and also linking real life examples to it which bring them to life.

Mike | 4.5

I enjoyed the Instructor using real life experiences to explain specific concepts of Six Sigma and when to use certain graphs, etc.

Timothy | 5

I like the support/feedback that the instructors provide when completing a project. For the most part they are easily available.

Timothy | 5

Entertaining instructor, experience backed up his teaching, valuable input on application of course material to specific industry needs

Riley | 4.5

Nothing really stood out as it was only the intro. I had a great follow up with instructor, by the end of the class.

Jorge | 3.5

I like the flow of working through the process from step 1. I like the examples of practical applications that could easily be related to every day activities.

Craig | 5

Instructor's presentation style and methods. He was always clear, concise, and to the point. He encouraged participation, asked questions to make the class really "think", and gave lots of real-life examples during his discussions.

Jeffrey | 5

The group of people attending the class worked well together. Very interesting dynamics and expertise presented from each person in the class.

Chris | 5

Instructor was an incredible facilitator. I have never seen a more engaged six sigma training with such fruitful and lively conversation among participants and the trainer.

Janine | 4.5

Instructor did such a great job of bringing in healthcare examples from her experience, tailoring her presentation exactly to the audience and keeping us engaged. Excellent!

Nicholas | 5

I really appreciate that Instructor worked for many years in the field and is now a trainer; she was able to use so many of her own personal examples to teach the material, and those real world examples make it easier to learn and understand the material.

Gabrielle | 5

I really liked how the class was engaging and encouraging of various opinions/situations. Also, it was great to hear so many real world examples from a wide variety of industries. The class was great!

Enshu | 4.5

Instructor made certain that participants were heard and that material was made relevant to their situation.

Lincoln | 5

Instructor was more engaging than my six sigma Green Belt instructor. He also reviewed my project after class (what I have completed thus far) which was very helpful! I had a few things to go back and correct.

Katelyn | 4.5

Instructor presented the material in a clear, concise manner and allowed us the space to work together to really get the material

Michele | 5

Learning about different graphs that can pin point discrepancies in your data and utilizing them in class.

Mark | 5

Instructor's wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience really shone through. This course was chock full of information and he does an excellent job of bringing it back to the real world and sprinkling in examples of situations that he's worked through over the years. This really helped me envision how I could practically apply these techniques to my workplace.

Leela | 5

The projects we did as part of the course were easy to see value in the work I do and the goals I have in place and expected to be able to benefit from the course. Surprisingly, there were pieces I expected to be of less value for me personally, that I n?

Richard | 5

I appreciate that the course stressed practical application over theory. I very much got the impression this course was intended to increase my value as an employee, which is great.

Nolan | 5

The instructor was smart, engaging and gave examples of real work that helped to demonstrate the concepts.

Karen | 5